What is Hacker Tracker?

Hacker Tracker was originally just to keep track of all the awesome that goes on at DEF CON each year. BUT, we've expanded! We now support DEF CON, BSides Orlando, LayerOne, HackWest, ShmooCon, and more on the way, including DerbyCon! :)

Hacker Tracker contains the speaker schedules, as well as villages, parties, events, contests, maps, and other important con information.

The apps are maintained by a small group of folks, and it is all done in our spare time. This is our way to give back to the infosec community, so please be nice :)



For Android

Get the app here - link.

For iOS

Get the app here - link.





Want to help out?

Hacker Tracker is open source! Find us on GitHub here and here! :)